Bunim-Murray (Project Runway)"…a fun, unique environment for meeting potential, future employees. It was a better way for us to get the word out in a more intimate setting."

Bunim-Murray (Project Runway)

Media Services“…one of the most productive, original and fun events I have attended. We look forward to working with you in the future…”

Media Services

Girl Scouts of America“The creativity workshop was a huge success. Participants learned exact techniques on how to come up with their own inventions and how to use innovation in their daily lives to solve problems."

Girl Scouts of America

Working World Magazine"The seminar was both informative and inspiring. We loved the sassy slideshow, which was both entertaining and instructive."

Working World Magazine

Daekyo America"Reinvent Your Marketing’ was well received by our Daekyo franchise owners at our recent conference. Franchisees left with unique, hands-on tools to improve their own marketing, and ways to generate more ideas of their own."

Daekyo America

Nightpantz"Julie Austin was quite generous with her knowledge and experience during our inaugural Nightpantz Kickstarter campaign. She really took the time to understand who we are as a group and exactly how to get across our essential message to a wider crowdfunding audience. She even coined the final wording of our tagline: “Relax and get (un) comfortable.” Without a doubt, Julie has helped Nightpantz grow and move forward into the future. Thank you Julie! The ‘Pantz love you."


Ricco RossI just wanted to leave a quick comment about my excellent experience working with Julie Austin. As an actor, I found myself working out of and across the country just before a film I was staring in was to air. I came to Julie Austin in the eleventh hour asking for help publicizing my latest film “A Husband For Christmas” which was to air on Christmas eve. She had all of a week to do her magic and magic she did. Before I knew it she had me booked for two interviews with the Fox network. Not only did she save the day at the eleventh hour, but she did it at an affordable price. I feel like I have found a gem and I will surely use her for future projects.

Ricco Ross
Something Positive Productions

Time Warner"The perfect event to get that new employee that you are looking for in a short amount of time, in a casual and fun, party type of setting, with a good small group of applicants with a deep work history."

Time Warner

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