Join as a Sponsor Every day the average person is bombarded with over 5,000 messages. That’s a LOT of competition! And most of those messages are tuned out.

The old way of “broadcasting” to a large audience and hoping you’ll get your message heard is being replaced with “narrowcasting”, or getting your message out to a very targeted market of people who want to hear what you have to say.

Even though sponsorship has been around since the days of the Roman Empire, it’s still in its infancy when it comes to corporate sponsorship. And even more of a new way of marketing for small businesses.

Narrowcasting is a way to make sure you don’t waste any of your hard-earned money. And these days most companies are trying to get the most for their money.

Sponsorship isn’t advertising. It’s better than advertising.

It’s a way to engage with a targeted audience where your brand and your business stands out from the crowd. You become known as a socially responsible company who really cares about your customers. This creates a positive image in the public’s mind.

Social media has changed the way we spend our time and money. People are forming communities, whether real or virtual, where they congregate with people who have the same likes as they do. The world of marketing is becoming more experience-driven and focused around those communities. That’s great for the business owner who wants to focus in like a laser beam on the perfect customer. Ready and willing to hear your message and become a loyal follower.

…So, how do you do that? Through sponsorship!

There’s a whole goldmine that hasn’t even been tapped in the artists market. These days many event planners are getting artists to present at their event for free. This is an opportunity for a corporation to:

  1. sponsor an artist that fits your brand;
  2. get that brand in front of their target audience;
  3. delivered by a professional artist;
  4. who then promotes the brand through creative marketing.

The opportunities to promote your brand are nearly endless!

You’ll get your logo on event signage, kiosks throughout the event, event websites, press releases, TV & radio interviews, social media, sampling and promotional products, and an introduction before the performance. It’s a way to work together with the artist to come up with a creative marketing plan that benefits both. It’s not the hit-them-on-the-head advertising pitch, but a way to align yourself with a cause or a community where the customer will remember your brand and your company.

You also have a captive audience at the event for sampling and promotional products. This is a great way for the audience to interact with your brand. You’ll get instant feedback and a guarantee that your perfect customer sees your message. Advertising can be tuned out, and it’s hard to know exactly who is seeing the ad or if they are interested. The cost of sponsorship can be less per qualified lead than advertising.

Many artists produce their own radio and TV shows. This is another way to sponsor an artist and get your brand out to a targeted market. This can be used along with the live event for even more exposure.

Artists often put on their own events and can use sponsors who want to get their message out to a targeted market. The artist then promotes the event through social media, blogs, advertising, newsletters, media, and email campaigns. Every time the event is promoted, your brand is promoted too. Not only do you benefit from the audience at the event, but also from the media and social media exposure.

Join as a Sponsor

The world of marketing is changing and sponsorship is a new and powerful way to compete.

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