Martone Daniels Children and Youth Plano, Texas United States

It has always been my intention to use my gifts to help others especially those in the LGBT community. Being a member of the community myself, I understand the challenges that those face with coming out to their parents and peers. We all know that coming out is a never ending process. It is my hope to teach those that choose to come out by showing them how its done with dignity and grace. Teenagers and young adults are currently most at risk of suicide more so than the general population due to school and social media bullying. It is ...

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sndinc Environment and Conservation Jersey City, New Jersey USA

Frogs Are Green is an awareness organization on a mission to save frogs and amphibians from extinction by spreading the message that healthy frogs equal a healthy planet. Each year I engage the public in visual contests and believe that educating children through science as well as artistic expression gives them a deeper understanding of the issues of climate change, deforestation and a broader comprehension of environmental awareness. Hundreds of children answer this call each year and I'm so proud that there are over 400 entries from 11 countries so far. This coming April I will partner with a gallery (The Distillery ...

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This Could Be You! Hometown, USA

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WorkmanProductions Cultural & Education Orem, UT United States

The cast and crew have generously donated their time and talents to produce Film Buzz for 2 years. Over that time we have showcased films that addressed sensitive topics such as domestic abuse, illiteracy, bullying, and provided resources for those in need of help.

We also provide filmmaking mentorships for underfunded schools. Several of the films produced through these mentorships have gone on to play at, and win at several film festivals.

Our goal with Film Buzz is to educate, inspire, and entertain through independent film.

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