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NikkiMyNikki singer songwriter & Artist hailing from the San Fernando Valley, California. NikkimyNikki has a new single called "round wego" off her new R&B album 'RelationshitShip" coming Nov. 2, 2021. Her musical background has flourished into what it is today from writing music for Sony music, sterling silver productions, H1t records and many more. NikkimyNikki's tapestry of music is yet to be discovered.



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We are raising money to support our local artist NikkiMyNikki with her album release party. Everything raised will go towards venue, dj, press, food, drinks, gift bags, giveaways and raffles for the event.

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Hey ya'll my name is Nikki, aka NikkimyNikki. I'm a R&B singer songwriter and artist and this will be my very first album. I'm very excited about it I spent over 2 years on it and its finally ready to be heard by the world! Little bit about me I'm 29 years old grew up/ born raised in the san fernando valley california so I'm a Valifornia girl of course. I love music I've been writing music now for over 10 years since I was about 14 years old actually, its my life. SELF Taught of course. I have already chosen and put a deposit on the venue so now its just about completing the payment. My team is in the process of finalizing all rsvp's as we have posted the event on and have 44 RSVP's thus far. The venue holds 150 people but i have reserved the evening for 50-75 people. We are in need of catering,food for the venue is very important as we want all guests to be well fed and comfortable after enjoying a great show. We have a few caters in mind as well so we're raising funds for that liquor and giveaways/gift bags. This is a 21+ event and liquor will be needed, my fans enjoy good music, food and drinks (adult drink) lol, some champagne will set the mood just right for an R&B/soul concert. Closing the event what better than to have something to remember a fantastic night but than a gift to take home. We will be having 50-75 gift bags for each guest and raffles to win prizes as well as giveaways.

TIME: 7- 11PM

LOCATION: 750 East 9th Place Los Angeles, Ca 90021

Join us 11/02 for a night curated for all that enjoy those good R&B vibes in celebration NikkimyNikki's Album release! . If you love great Music, food, drinks and live performances, then this is the place to be. Come dance, eat drink & witness the hottest newest R&B/soul music before all others in the industry,at an industry event to remember as we "party on a Tuesday" like Drake with our favorite R& B/soul Singer/Songwriter NikkimyNikki. Music by DJ Z Max Bit R8, Live performances by NikkimyNikki of course !!! Media coverage by @BackstageAccessMagazine & @Paye.Productions . We also have some other surprise celebrity hosts that you don't want to miss! We got @BrewedBotanicals, @Untouchablemagazine @h1tRecords in the building Early arrival suggested. Dress ya best! See you there

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