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Gabriel Torres is a multidisciplinary artist from Colombia and New York. Gabriel’s work deals in the conversations between community engagement, creative placemaking, theater making, film and emerging technologies. Gabriel has worked in Hong Kong, NYC, and Colombia as an educator, documentarian, theater director, and community engagement consultant. Gabriel is currently working on Haus of Dust, a campaign to bring awareness about substance use in latinx queer communities from his personal experience. Gabriel’s work has been featured in Loisaida INC, SXSW, Latino Theater Co, NYC department of health, The Tank NYC, En Garde Arts, The LGBT Center and more. Haus of Dust is a successful collaboration between Gabriel and a collective of 10+ artists and institutions working to bring forth the project. To learn more, visit .

Previous Work

Haus of Dust is a multi pronged artistic project to bring awareness on substance use in the Latinx queer community.

The project started with Haus of Dust, The Immersive Experience, a multi media installation;
followed by the creation of a Game as a tool for anxiety and cravings release, currently under development.

The project's foundation is our community, through workshops, community events and a Future Garden X Loisaida INC, We hope to de-stigmatize substance use and create a space of wellness for our community.

Still is a meditation on site performance, where I deconstruct my humanity in 5 concepts: love, rage, sadness, compassion and queerness. They play through video. People are invited to meditate with me

distant bodies is a project where I curated 76 artists through an open call and make a double season experimental series of videos, from an exquisite corpse, during the pandemic.



Hunger and Poverty

I am unfortunately experiencing extreme poverty. I haven't found a job in months, after I got out of rehab, and I am in more than 50 thousand dollars in debt. My mother is elderly and I have to take care of her.

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i am an emerging indegenous queer performer and curator. My work has been featured in SXSW, the city of New York and across the country. i am an advocate for substance abuse de-stigmatization.

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