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Environment and Conservation

To raise awareness and support through exhibition for at-risk North American Mammals.

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Other Value:

Since 2011, ECC-Italy organizes Contemporary Art and
Architecture Biennial exhibitions, which take place in
our three Venetian Palazzos and two public gardens on
the island of Venice. Our Venice Biennial exhibitions are
free-entry and each year seen by over 600.000 visitors
from all over the world.
They can organize special events, meetings or
symposia for sponsors. Their organizational
team would gladly assist sponsors to arrange
breakfasts, luncheons, dinners, or other
The European Cultural Centre Department sends
a press release via email to a list of approximately
1.700 members of the international press.
receptions. Moreover, private VIP tours during
the entire six-month exhibition could be
scheduled alongside our preview parties.
These events are unique and effective tools
to connect with clients, employees, business
partners, and friends.
As a sponsor, companies will enjoy positive
exposure through educational programs at the
Palazzos dedicated for the general public, families,
schools, teachers, and students of all ages
and nationalities.
The programs include talks by exhibiting
artists and/or architects, curator-led tours, workshops,
courses, festivals, and other events.
Various benefits depend on the level of
sponsorship. In the last few years, we have
made direct arrangements with sponsors or on
behalf of exhibiting artists and galleries. The
latter were made with several cultural, governmental
institutions, companies as well as with
private sponsors.

Sponsorship Opportunity

To raise awareness for at-risk North American Mammals by exhibiting my artistic work and discussing the issues at the Venice 2022 Biennale.

ECC-Italy (European Cultural Centre) has graciously invited me to exhibit in Venice during the 2022 Biennale. The exhibition is titled “Personal Structures”.

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