Several months ago a made-for-TV movie about flying sharks made headlines when fans took to Twitter to spread the word. This turned a little-known B movie into a cult classic overnight. The premier was watched by 1.37 million viewers. The second airing brought in 1.89 million viewers (an increase of 38%) and the third airing brought in 2.1 million viewers, making it the most watched original movie encore in Syfy history. This led to Regal Cinemas to picking it up for 200 big screens nationwide.

As someone who has done my share of B movies (Elves and Twisted Justice), I can tell you that when you find you find your B movie fan audience they can be very, very loyal. While “Elves” barely made it on the radar in the U.S., it was a huge cult classic in Japan.

People are either going to love your cheesy low budget movie or hate it. And the ones that love it, spread the word. Now fans can spread the word through social media. And that is a great thing for indie producers.

As the world splits off into smaller and smaller niches, it’ll become more important to have a loyal social media following. The niches may be getting smaller, but their reach, through the Internet is able to target most of the world quickly and effectively.

As someone who also used to be a TV/film distributor, I see this as a great opportunity for indie producers with great material to finally find their audience. Okay, so it doesn’t even have to be great material. It just has to find it’s audience.